It’s hard to be a film lover in Bristol without having visited the Cube. If you haven’t been, it’s the squat red brick building hidden away on Dove street.

It’s run by a dedicated team of volunteers, who clean, serve, curate, perform and manage the entire operation. In this respect, it well and truly is an independent space, a work of love for art and community, a place to meet, learn and create. Sure, it’s a little grubby, and the seats are uncomfortable, but for me, that’s OK because it has everything I want from an independent cinema: cheap drinks, late night conversations, off beat films.

Aesthetics and clientele aside though, this cinema needs to be talked about for one reason:  it takes a step off the usual track, predominantly shunning obsequious blockbusters and dusty, overplayed B-movies in favour of a ferociously ambitious programme created around lesser-known gems, documentaries, live music and talks.

You know what you won’t find here? The vein of sexism and racial sourness that is so often running through bigger, more commercial offerings. And overpriced popcorn. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go to the multiplex, just be sure to consume a healthy dose of antidote cinema whilst your at it, the kind of stuff that can be found at the Cube.