Tara Judah and Ben Brewer talk about A Christmas Horror Story and Inside Out – both of which are now out on DVD – along with the guilty pleasure of crying at the cinema.

Wild Tales, released earlier this year, led the Guardian to ponder whether the portmanteau film was making a comeback. If the definition is elastic enough to take in Pulp Fiction and Magnolia, then maybe it never actually went away.

At least one person not a million miles away from the BFCC was moved to tears by Magnolia, proving that crying at movies is a very personal thing. But films that make audiences cry won’t be going away ever either, and Pixar have mastered the art. Inside Out produced plenty of digital ink on the subject: here’s Vulture diving in.

Or perhaps it’s not an art but a science: a few years ago researchers in Ohio looked into why sad films make you happy, producing results which you might have guessed before kick-off.