This week, Liam Macleod and Tim Hayes talk about the new film biography of Steve Jobs and whether the end result owes more to director Danny Boyle or writer Aaron Sorkin, before trying to work out why so many recent biopics miss the target.

Danny Boyle’s film is based on Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography of Jobs, which was officially sanctioned by its subject. A more unofficial portrait of the man and his company emerges from a short ebook by Max Chafkin called Design Crazy, which wasn’t sanctioned by anyone. Chafkin’s topic is in theory an oral history of Apple’s in-house design process, told by people who aren’t in-house any more – but no surprise that Steve Jobs turns up around every corner, assisting them on their way out of the door for picking the wrong Pantone colour.

Aaron Sorkin’s personal life and authorial style have made him more enemies these days than he used to have, to which the officially sanctioned response is to revisit The West Wing and that time the grief-stricken President of the United States argued with God in Latin.