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BFCC podcast episode 14: Minecraft


In this week’s episode, Peter Walsh and Liam Macleod discuss the Duncan Jones-directed Warcraft (2016) and the wider question of video game movie adaptations.


BFCC Podcast 13: Everybody Wants Some

Liam and Peter discuss Linklater’s latest – Everybody wants Some.

The BFCC podcast: ‘Tis the season

This week, Tara Judah and Peter Walsh glance at the calendar and talk about Christmas movies old and new.

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The BFCC podcast: Bath Film Festival highlights

In this episode Liam Macleod and Sven De Hondt talk about the 25th Bath Film Festival, which continues until 13th December 2015, and discuss some of the highlights being screened there.

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The BFCC podcast: Steve Jobs and other life stories

This week, Liam Macleod and Tim Hayes talk about the new film biography of Steve Jobs and whether the end result owes more to director Danny Boyle or writer Aaron Sorkin, before trying to work out why so many recent biopics miss the target.

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The BFCC podcast: crying games

Tara Judah and Ben Brewer talk about A Christmas Horror Story and Inside Out – both of which are now out on DVD – along with the guilty pleasure of crying at the cinema.

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The BFCC podcast: BFI LOVE is all around

Liam Macleod and Peter Walsh discuss the BFI’s nationwide LOVE season, which runs until the end of December.

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The BFCC Podcast: Bonds old and new.

In this edition, Liam Macleod, Ben Brewer and Tim Hayes watch the new James Bond film Spectre, and try to find words to describe the experience.

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The BFCC Podcast, September 27th

A little late after a snafu or two we are proud to present the fifth episode of the Bristol Film Critics Circle podcast, this week with the Jonathan ‘just-call-him-Bags’ Bygraves and Tim Hayes. Coming on the back of a solid week of short titles at Bristol’s Encounters Film Festival, the two get stuck into the festival’s winners and pick out a few wonders and oddities which almost slipped under the radar.

For a direct download of the podcast, click on THIS LINK for all your MP3 needs.

Our thanks to the Encounters short film and animation festival, check out their website or better still keep up to date with their latest news on Twitter!

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